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Heaven on Earth Relaxation: 60-120 mins. Full body

You choose any where from relaxing lighter pressure to relax but feel the depth of your muscles deep pressure. Let massage be your minds getaway with the long effleurage, petrissage and kneading strokes.

Hot towels on feet and back. Hot stones available upon request.

Work it out wonder: 60-120 mins. Spot treatment or full body

Improve your range of motion, help heal injured muscles, or reduce tension with experienced clinical therapist. This massage can focus on one area nagging you with pain, multiple areas, or be a full body (deep or relaxing) with focus on nagging tense or injured areas. This massage is catered to your specific personal needs and can utilize any one or combine specific massage modalities to help you manage pain and health. Deep tissue, Sports, Myofacial, Triger point, etc.

Reflexology rich: 60-120 mins. Feet, hands, or ears or Full body

Focus on feet, hands or ears to help relieve pain, stress, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and many other ailments.


60-120 mins full body or spot area. May use pressure points to help alleviate problems associated with pregnancy.


Incorporate hot stones into your massage to promote relaxation and increase circulation.


We constantly invest in tools to give clients the best experience.

Cupping: 30 mins (minimum 60 min massage)

Either come in for cupping session or add on. Recommended after deep tissue.

Shiatsu: 60-90mins

Done with clothes on, Deep pressure, and stretching.

Reiki: 60-90mins

this is ENERGY WORK, done by Reiki Master Jessie. No/little touch working with Chakras.

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