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Reflexology Clinic for Massage Therapists I & II

(Sun. June 19) 10am-2pm

This 4 hour class will focus on teaching you the anatomy of the feet, ears, and hands. You will also learn practical techniques to help people with physical ailments (pain, tension, organ meridians and blockages). You will also learn techniques and points to help with mental and emotional problems (insomnia, anxiety, depression...)

cost:$300 per person, $250 per person of group of 3 or more.

Hip pain treatment special certification for Massage Therapists (Sun. June 24th) 10am-1pm

This 4 hour class will teach you the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the hip. This class will also teach you practical techniques to help rehabilitate hip injuries and relieve hip pain. This would be a good class for Therapists in the clinical work place or those looking to venture into clinical massage. There will be a seminar monthly or bimonthly to teach focused area rehab (skills to spend 50 mins. on specific injured areas).

cost:$200 per person, $150 per person of group 3 or more.

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